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FC Bayern Implements SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to Improve Digital HR Capabilities

SAP announced that FC Bayern, Germany’s most winning football club, has successfully implemented the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution to standardize and optimize its core human resource (HR) processes and improve the experience for its 1,000+ employees.

By leveraging the SAP Model Company service for accelerated solution deployment, FC Bayern benefitted from ready-to-use, preconfigured processes and best practices.

Part of SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a cloud-based human resource information system that organizations use to manage global workforces with all core HR functions.

With the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, FC Bayern has moved from spreadsheets and manual processes to a fully integrated platform. This allows for consistent and digital HR processes and will unify data across recruiting, onboarding and performance management in the future. In addition, reports can be generated easily and efficiently for optimized workforce planning and analytics.

“The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution enables FC Bayern’s HR team to do what it does best — focus on strategic, value-added HR rather than transactional processes,” FC Bayern Executive Vice Chairman Jan-Christian Dreesen said. “Before implementing the solution, we worked with legacy, time-consuming processes. The integration has enabled us not only to digitalize our processes but also to innovate and redesign them. By creating a more efficient environment, our HR team can prioritize on delivering the best employee experience possible.”

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central includes self-service options to help increase employee engagement at FC Bayern. The SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app provides all employees — including players, coaches, managers and office employees — with a modern, intuitive mobile experience. They can access their personal data and update their employee profiles as well as enter, approve and record absences such as vacations — all tasks that previously required them to reach out to HR for approval.

“With the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, we are happy to open a new chapter in the long-standing partnership between FC Bayern and SAP,” said Andreas Jung, FC Bayern Executive Board member.

“Since 2014, SAP has been an official platinum partner of FC Bayern, working together to innovative solutions that help the club reach its sports and business goals,” said Thomas Saueressig, member of the SAP Executive Board, Product Engineering. “The go-live of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central extends this partnership to human experience management, enabling the sports club to further accelerate its growth and remain competitive at all times, both on and off the field.”