WiTH Foundation Donations to Benefit STEM Programs

Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) has announced it will use Giving Tuesday on Dec. 1 as a fundraising opportunity around its March 8 of the WiTH Leadership Awards event, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, with all proceeds given to WiTH’s collection of charitable organizations, and distributed at the event.

“Please join us on Dec. 1 for Giving Tuesday in support of the WiTH Foundation mission to advocate for women and underserved communities in technology,” WiTH said in a statement. “Your donations will help fund our annual charity giving to local organizations and programming that promote STEM and STEAM opportunities in underserved communities.”

WiTH has also set up a social media fundraising how-to page that allows users to adopt the WiTH Foundation in personal Facebook fundraiser, featuring resources to kick-off individual fundraisers on behalf of the WiTH Foundation.

To donate directly to the WiTH Foundation, click here.

Visit WiTHollywood.org site for details on the upcoming event.

WiTH is an organization that serves as a catalyst for the advancement of women in entertainment technology, and the WiTH Steering Committee, which selects the Leadership Awards winners, includes representatives from women’s organizations at Amazon Studios, Discovery, Google, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, WarnerMedia, and The Walt Disney Company.

Founded in March 2014, WiTH facilitates cross-studio women’s group communications and addresses pressing issues specific to women technology executives in Hollywood, covering leadership, business and technology skills development, mentorship, negotiation, career development, vision, management, community engagement, empowerment, self-confidence and work/life balance.