Caringo Aug. 4 Webinar Targets Workflow Storage for Today’s Remote Reality

In December of 2018, data storage specialist Caringo hosted a webinar focusing on the evolving storage requirements for video workflows.

The discussion — featuring Adrian Herrera, Caringo’s VP of marketing, and Nicholas Smith, JB&A VP of technology — stressed the need for flexible tools to handle larger file sizes, increased streaming demands, and, above all, the ability to be malleable with workflows, all in order to handle multiple applications, and work with multiple service providers.

Caringo had no idea how prescient that discussion would be, considering M&E’s 2020 reality.

“The first time we covered this topic, our goal was to highlight the five high-level tiers of storage and map them to the evolving requirements in digital video workflows,” Herrera said. “Well, I think it’s an understatement to say the world is a lot different today and that has impacted both storage requirements and workflows.”

Herrera and Smith will revisit their late-2018 discussion on Aug. 4 at 11 a.m. PT, during the free webinar “5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows: The Sequel,” where they’ll examine how quickly remote workflows for video production have advanced of late, and how the storage solutions have worked to keep pace.

Media and entertainment companies quickly shifted video content production workflow to enable remote work environments. And those challenges also impacted video storage, access and delivery requirements. How to efficiently — and affordably — adapt to new storage needs for video production will take center stage in this sequel discussion.

“A lot of what used to happen locally is now happening remotely,” Herrera said. “Nick and I will take a look at the five tiers of storage through this lens, and help attendees understand what their storage options are for their existing and new remote workflows.”

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