Adobe Webinar: Paperless Hollywood is Possible Post-Pandemic

The longer Hollywood finds itself navigating how to get business done during the pandemic, the more surprising and unexpected benefits the industry is discovering.

One of those is the bigger push for a paperless media and entertainment world, with the stark realization of how much more effective electronic documents, forms and signatures are, compared to the wasteful, paper-heavy systems we’re long used to.

On July 28 at 11 a.m. PT, Adobe Systems’ Todd Burke, principal solutions engineer, and Ben Vanderberg, technical product evangelist, will be joined by Bernie Laramie, CEO of Amalgamated Digital Research, in a free webinar discussion around the benefits of a paper-free world now and going forward.

With today’s remote workforces, collaborating from a distance is a necessity, and remote teams can better coordinate and work more efficiently by adopting every paperless solution that’s made available. And with industry trade association like the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) fully calling for the minimization of paper and the adoption of electronic scripts and sign-in and -out documents, Adobe solutions for the transition from paper to digital — Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign — are becoming must-haves.

“Attendees will learn about updated features in Adobe Acrobat, Sign and the Document Cloud that help removing paper from our new working environment,” Burke said of the webinar, “A Paper-Free Hollywood (Thanks, Adobe!).”

Attendees will learn the ins and outs of Adobe Acrobat (which allows for the collection of comments, collaboration on responses, and more, in real time) and Adobe Sign (where users can initiate, sign, track, manage, and archive digital documents), and hear all about paper-to-PDF best practices, how to create digital forms and apply electronic signatures to documents, and get an inside look into why many Hollywood productions have made the switch, and how they’re succeeding.

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