Pixelogic: Sony DADC NMS Creative Services a ‘Perfect’ Acquisition

Localization and distribution services firm Pixelogic announced June 1 it has acquired the Creative Services business unit of Sony DADC New Media Solutions, a perfect fit for the Burbank, Calif.-based company, according to Keith Prokop, EVP and GM of media services for Pixelogic, and co-founder of Radius60.

“It’s a perfect acquisition for Pixelogic,” he said. “Sony DADC NMS Creative Services was the industry leader in 4K, UHD, HDR and IMF (Interoperable Master Format) workflows. We’re thrilled to add these superior technologies and capabilities to our current offerings and provide our customer base with unparalleled next generation picture quality and services.”

Founded less than a year ago, Pixelogic has now become one of the larger providers of localization and distribution services to major studios, broadcasters and digital retailers, thanks to both the Creative Services acquisition and its August 2016 purchase of entertainment technology solutions company Radius60. Pixelogic will be bringing on board the entire Creative Services team, giving the company more than 240 employees worldwide.

That includes Seth Hallen, Pixelogic’s new SVP of business development and strategy, who led the Creative Services unit of Sony DADC New Media Solutions since 2013. Hallen said the acquisition “made sense to us on every level.”

“We fully believe in the Pixelogic vision and the value it will deliver to our combined customers. We also have high confidence in the Pixelogic management team and their incredible base of employee talent. The combined team is truly comprised of best-in-class skills and experience in every area.”

The acquisition — which first occurred in early April — gives Pixelogic additional capabilities, experienced staff, proprietary technology and an extended footprint, according to John Suh, co-president of the company.

“The acquisition of Sony DADC NMS Creative Services places Pixelogic at the leading edge of media services for our feature and episodic customers,” he said. “It expands our team of expert media engineers and creative talent, extends our geographic reach by providing a fully established London operation, and further adds to our capacity and capability within an expansive list of tools, technologies, formats, and distribution solutions.”