IBM Cloud to Deliver Asset Management Software, Services for Anaqua (HITS)

Anaqua today announced that it has selected IBM Cloud as its preferred global cloud provider and, in doing so, will expand its global presence into Japan and the Netherlands via IBM Cloud data centers in Tokyo and Amsterdam. “With IBM Cloud, organizations like Anaqua can transform their businesses by extending their solutions to the cloud to create a secure hybrid, private or public cloud environment,” said Bill Karpovich, general manager of the IBM Cloud Platform. “IBM offers a global footprint of Cloud Data Centers to bring companies closer to the places where their clients do business, creating faster application performance and local storage and compute options.”

Nearly one million IP professionals in over 150 countries use Anaqua to manage more than one billion dollars in intellectual assets. The global company selected IBM Cloud to deliver more robust local support, faster response times, non-disruptive maintenance routines and compliance with local privacy and security standards.

Anaqua’s clients, which include leading innovative corporations and law firms, run distributed global intellectual property operations, which necessitate responsive local support and strict compliance with corporate security and legal standards in each region. IBM Cloud meets these strict standards, and with its global network of data centers, it provides companies with in-country infrastructure services to keep data local to client locations.

“Our investment in the expansion of our global data center footprint reflects our continued commitment to be the clear leader in meeting our clients’ intellectual asset management needs,” said Jack Morgan, Anaqua’s Senior Vice President of Client Services. “The IBM Cloud platform provides us with centralized provisioning, management, reliability and scalability across the globe to assure our clients have continuous access to secure, high-performing and reliable IP business services.”