Xerox Demonstrating Printed Memory Product w/ Thinfilm Technology (HITS)

In January of 2015, Xerox licensed Thinfilm’s proprietary technology to manufacture Xerox® Printed Memory – the only printed, rewritable memory commercially available today. Manufactured via a printing process, Xerox® Printed Memory adds low-cost intelligence to objects or packaging by printing thin circuitry on a flexible substrate. The non-volatile memory is delivered in small flexible labels, a form factor that provides a wide range of design freedom not offered in other solutions. The labels can be placed on products at any stage of the manufacturing or supply-chain process. Xerox® Printed Memory labels can store up to up to 36 bits of information, which enables 68 billion distinct data combinations. Everything from lot codes and serial numbers to expiration dates and geographic IDs can be stored on the labels, and the data is preserved until overwritten within a 10-year span.

The labels are an ideal solution for brand protection needs across a range of industries, particularly pharmaceuticals, government, and other verticals concerned with gray market sales, counterfeiting and supply chain integrity. Brands can also add in optional tamper-evident adhesives and a cryptographic feature that includes barcodes or QR codes, making the Xerox® Printed Memory offering one of the most tamper-proof, anti-counterfeit solutions on the market.

Xerox® Printed Memory labels also effectively address “smart consumable” space to protect and increase the revenue of product refills. Because the labels can interact with dispensing device, brands or manufacturers are able to count, record time, calibrate, and provide other usage information associated with a refill cartridge or unit. Segments such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, beauty products, appliances, and food and beverage can benefit by offering a more convenient, intelligent customer experience while increasing revenue.